Website Design & Development

Website Design

Website design refers to the design process of creating websites that are available on the Internet. Whenever the user enters your business website, the first impression is determined by the design element. A good website design will help build trust and generate positive effects, which in effect turns a site user into a customer.

Digital Auro’s designers understand your business and design a website that is aligned with strategic objectives. Our team helps you to choose the right platform to launch your website and to choose the optimal theme that reflects your business. The theme of the website may be a standard or customized one, depending on the time, budget and effort required.

User experience (UX) is the bottom line of the website design process. A pure glossy website can not reflect the business goals of what you are looking for! Web design is not just focusing on aesthetic part of the website. Our team ensures responsive design, better user experience, ease of navigation, call-to-actions (CTA) and enhanced visuals which in effect increase website traffic and business

Website Development

Website development is the process of designing, building, hosting, refreshing and maintaining the website.

Our proficient knowledge on the different content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla or custom code HTML development, is extremely powerful to solve any kind of technical challenge. We maintain a close partnership with CMS providers, so that we are the first to receive some kind of updates or fixes before web developers.

During the design and development process, our team clearly understands the business needs and integrate the functionalities through available plugins. This improves the quality of the website and user experience.

Digital Auro has good experience in developing all forms of websites

Static Website

Dynamic Website

Website Hosting

Website hosting is nothing but hosting the website in internet so that the same can be accessed across the globe by the target prospects and customers. To keep the website we need a place on the internet. Web hosting service provider allocates a space on the internet to store our files. We have relationship with all the leading hosting service providers, and as per our requirements (space, duration) and budget you can choose on your own.

We can also evaluate the current hosting company and help you switch your website from one platform to another in an economical way.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is an essential and final step in the creation of the website. In order to always be at the top of the search results, the website needs to be up-to – date with new content and updated CMS platforms and plugins

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