Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing (SMM) is a type of digital marketing that leverages social networks to improve brand recognition and to drive website traffic through organic and paid means. Business uses social networking platform to connect with their existing customers and target prospects. This also helps businesses increase followers, social listening skills, online reputation (reviews) etc.

SMM encompasses setting up and operating a social account for a business, identify and reach out to the target customers, share content, engage audiences, advertising on social networks and social listening.

Many of the company owners delegate social media management as an additional responsibility to young, tech-savvy internal workers. These team members share pictures of greetings from the festival and annual celebrations. This is not just all about social media marketing. In some cases, SMB owners neglect and shy away from social media because of their ignorance and lack of confidence in the market and customers.

You ‘re missing a big opportunity in both cases.

Social Media Marketing

Why do you need Digital Auro for Social Media Marketing?

Many companies believe that social media sites are free, and company should have accounts across all networks. Sadly, when it comes to focus, time, effort and money on irrelevant social media platforms, there is indeed a big cost to that.

A dedicated SMM manager understands your business, market trends, customer tastes, and competitors’ presence to identify the right social network(s). Our team is actively listening to the social network sites about user opinions about the company’s goods and services. Social media operates for 24 * 7. Negative reviews about your company or service have a significant effect on your brand image. 

Digital Auro specialists are closely associated with your company and will be part of your journey. Our expertise is to collaborate with various departments within the organization and to create a clear presence and consistent voice across social networks

Facebook Marketing

Digital Auro is the #1 Facebook advertising agency & Instagram advertising agency based out of Tirunelveli. Our highly skilled social media marketing professionals and designers, devise personoalised social media marketing plan that suits your business goals.

Facebook Ad Design

Before start, our team of experts understand your business environment includes goals, customers, region, competitors and product /service alternatives. Select the best ad formats which will work out for your business (photos, videos, carousel/memes). Digital Auro creative designers produce unique designs, which convey your brand story and attract target prospects attention.

Facebook Ad Copy

Facebook Ad Copy is supposed to engage with people. Digital Auro team ensures the advertisement copy is compelling to capture prospects attention and share the value of the products to achieve the business goals

Facebook Ad Campaign Execution

Facebook offers enormous options for selecting target audiences. We’ve been in business for years, and we’ve been able to select your target customers, 
who are likely to be interested, based on clear understanding of your business objectives.


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